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23 October 2009 @ 02:07 am
Well im posting after much time without a post.

I know you missed me didn't you

Well im getting ready for the halloween maddness aswell ..but no pictures for you.

I did make a video because cameras hate me the odd things.

If you want to see what I will be looking llike ask for the video and i will send it to you .

I would be a vampire

So far only Zexion has seen me

It is his mission after all we just got pulled into it didnt we?

Well it should be intresting

8 more days

Im going to be out till 6 tomarrow then Zexion is to meet up with me

We will see how that goes.

Right now im in pain ...and tired

And if anyone took Roxas's ice cream please give it back ..he really does need it or he gets weird

<3 but you know I love you  Roxas I know you read this so don't get offended


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19 October 2009 @ 11:44 am
Well its 11:45 and I got to sleep in. Mhmm I was alowed to do so .Its great

Now that I am awake ..I get to do..welll NOTHING. heheh.

Till 3:30 when I have to go to one  of the other worlds.. To well er..

Dance!....(I swear guys STFU)

Some reason Superior wants me to work more the "Fluidity of my movements" Or something  like that.

Not that I mind it that much I mean "Flurry of Dancing Flames" I SHOULD dance well...and I already think I dance quite well.

I know you all are going to laugh at my for my mission but hey when your laughing think of this

While Your busy doing your horrible missions that require SOOOO much effort.

Mine didn't and besides that tiny little thing I have to do I got to spend time in the castle


And fun was had by Axel >D


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18 October 2009 @ 08:59 pm
Well as everyone reading this knows we all had to get journals. Why I don't know . But that is not the issue


MY issue is the cold is more then seeping up here and its FREEZING.

Now I can deal with the cold but I don't enjoy it  NOT ONE BIT

The cold slows things down I like things to have more movement.

Its like its made everyone all shut in.

Naw not me. Im out there. Doing things. Heheh I think Im quite the productive guy

.I know I COULD be blaming a certain someone..And hey I just might

Current Music: Firestorm-Xandria